Night-time Fortitude Valley Walking Tour

If you’ve not visited Fortitude Valley at night this informal walking tour might give you a bit of a sneak peek of what it is like.

Walking aorund Fortitude Valley at night
Fortitude Valley Brunswick Street Mall at night

Local Queensland Youtuber “Underdog” goes on a walk around some of the main streets capturing the sights and sounds at night. What you will see in the video is quite typical of a Fortitude Valley weekend after dark.

Be warned, it’s not the most rivetting viewing! Although, it does give you a pretty good idea of the vibe at night around the Valley Heart entertainment precinct.

The Brisbane Nightlife in The Fortitude ValleyThe Brisbane Nightlife in The Fortitude Valley
Walking the streets of Brisbane’s entertainment precinct in Fortitude Valley

Starting off at the Press Club

The video tour starts on Brunswick Street at the Press Club, moves on to The Empire Hotel and turns left onto Ann Steet. You will see people crossing the road over to the Brunswick Street Mall.

Next, he walks past Cloudlands where a line is starting to form. Moving on to Ivory Tusk / Woolly Mammoth.

Slight gap inactivity as he heads up to the edge of the activity at Ella Sabe and turns left into Marshall Street. There’s not too much activity on this street at the moment, however, there has been a new refurbishment of the Stewart & Hemmant building that should contain new retail stores and offices.

The next part of the video shows the camera guy heading back the way he came and crosses at the corner of Brunswick and McLachlan Streets. 7-Eleven convenience store on the other side.

7 Minutes into the Walking Video Tour, Are You Bored Yet?

No, I shouldn’t really say that. Underdog’s videos are pretty good …in a voyeuristic kind of a way. See the Underdog YouTube channel for yourself. There’s a bunch of walking tours taking you all over. Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, and more. Super high-quality footage, 4K 2160p. Actually, it would be nice to see a tour in virtual reality (VR) to become even more immersed in the environment.

Righto, getting back to the video. Now we heading back down Brunswick Street on the other side of the road he passes by a lot of the food joints like Fat Dumpling (Chinese Dumplings), Giardinetto (Italian restaurant), New York Slice (Pizza), PJs Steaks (cheesesteaks, grilled subs) and Lord of the Fries (fries, burgers, hotdogs). Finally ending up at everyone’s favourite liquor store, BWS Valley Central.

PJ first encounter with Philly cheesesteak while he was studying in the US, he scoured the globe trying to locate the best spot to bring this authentic flavour. From Europe to Asia to New Zealand, PJ finally decided on Australia because Aussies really love their meat and they are also renowned for it, so he knew they would appreciate it.

Source: PJ’s Steaks About page

I’m Out! Although I’ll Give You A Quick Summary of the Remainder of the Walking Tour

Bargain Avenue

The tour then proceeds along Ann Street past The Beat nightclub before doubling back to head up Ann Street on the other side. It’s at about 18 minutes into the video that the Brunswick Street Mall is reached. This is more or less the “Valley Heart”.

There’s quite a lot of wandering around that takes place through places like the Chinatown Mall and a number of the restaurants and hotels on Wickham Street. The boundary of the walk is drawn at St Paul’s Terrace just past the Fortitude Valley Train Station.