Cathedral Place Reviews & Short Stay Accommodation

There are many different websites out there on the internet where you can book a short stay apartment in Cathedral Place such as Airbnb,,, and more.

Cathedral Place Reviews and Short Stays
Cathedral Place despite its appearance is not like a hotel. Apartments are mainly owned individually.

However, before investigating Cathedral Place reviews, do be aware that this establishment is not a hotel. There isn’t one sole company (or individual) that provides bookings for Cathedral Place apartments.


  • Long term owners and tenants make up the majority of occupants at Cathedral Place
  • Only a small percentage of apartments are used for short stay accommodation

There are some companies that manage a large number of apartments, but certainly not exclusively. Since each apartment is owned by different individuals. They often can offer their place directly on Airbnb or similar online booking services.

Before Booking, Read All Cathedral Place Reviews as There Are Several Providers

My advice if you are thinking of staying at Cathedral Place short term is to be practical and do your homework first. Some of the owners and management companies offering their place for short stay accommodation can get a bad reputation. The way they do business, unfortunately, makes things difficult for other owners who do the right thing and offer exceptional service to their guests.

A classic example of this is these Trip Advisor Cathedral Place reviews. The reviews seem to read as though there is one company that provides all the short-stay accommodation. This page of reviews has been named under an ambiguous title “Cathedral Place”. This is misleading as there are many and all with different reputations. If they do happen to mention who is providing the bad service, make a note of their company or contact name and don’t use them.

Like any good business, you need to earn your stripes.  So please do your homework when it comes to Cathedral Place short stay accommodation and look for good reviews. 

In my personal experience, owners who offer their apartments for short stay rental are usually best on Airbnb.

Apartment Reviews Can Contrast, See Some of These Good Reviews

So in contrast to the review I’ve linked to above, you can see a number of apartments with good reviews here on Airbnb.

If you don’t know much about Airbnb, just make sure you check the right search criteria. Note: If you are not looking at sharing your apartment stay make sure to select “Entire Place”. However check this post as a beginners guide to Airbnb, they have some interesting tips.

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