1 Bedroom Apartment Guide: What to Know Before You Move In

One Bedroom Apartment Basics

A 1 bedroom apartment is an excellent choice for those looking for a living space that is affordable and comfortable. These units are perfect for singles, couples without children, or those who work from home. 

A studio apartment is the most basic type of one-bedroom apartment. They are usually minimal in size and have a kitchen with no separate dining area. They are usually located on the first floor of an apartment building and have little natural light.

1 bedroom apartment in Australia
A one-bedroom apartment can offer a chance to become independent

A two-bedroom apartment is perfect for those with children or a roommate/s. They are larger and have two separate rooms. These units can be found on the upper floors of buildings and have plenty of natural light.

A three-bedroom apartment is perfect for families or people looking to live with roommates when they’re not at home.

Part I – Pros and Cons of Living in a 1 Bedroom Apartment

Some people might think living in a studio apartment is the best way to save money. However, there are some disadvantages to living in a studio apartment. 

People living in studios might have to share bathrooms and kitchens with others. They may also have less space for storage and privacy. 

Living in a one-bedroom unit has pros and cons, but it is not as bad as living in a studio apartment. When you live in a one-bedroom apartment, you will have more space than in a studio apartment. 

You will also be able to separate your living room from your bedroom, making it easier to sleep at night without any noise from the other side of the wall or floorboards creaking. 

When people are living in 1 bedroom apartments, they have the option to have a second room set up as a study or office. This allows people to get some work done without disturbing their neighbours. 

They also have the option of having a more oversized kitchen so they do not have to eat dinner with their roommate every night if that would make them uncomfortable.

Part II – The Advantages of Living in a One-Bedroom Apartment for Renters and Homeowners

Renting vs Buying:

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The main benefit of renting a one-bedroom apartment is the flexibility it provides. Renters can move to another city or country without worrying about selling their homes. 

Renters also have more freedom to move around and find a place that suits them best, so they don’t have to settle for what’s available in the market. 

Renting vs Owning a Home: 

When you rent an apartment, you will pay less for utilities like electricity, water and heating. This is because the landlord pays these costs on your behalf. 

When you own a home, these costs will be your responsibility which can add up over time. Renting an apartment is cheaper, but it leaves you with less flexibility regarding location. 

When you own a home, you can do what many people do and rent out the rooms they don’t need to generate income. This saves you money because the rent will cover your mortgage and property taxes.

Making the Most Out of Your 1 Bedroom Space

It is not easy to furnish a small space. But, with the proper planning and creativity, you can do it. The key is to use every inch of the area for storage and to find furniture that can serve multiple functions. 

It would be best if you also considered removing any unnecessary items in your home or office. This will free up space and help you focus on what you need most.

5 Tips to Keep Your Rent Payments Low

What is the Average Cost of Rent for a 1 Bedroom Apartment in Australia?

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Australia will depend significantly on where you live. If you are in Perth, it will likely cost around $450. More expensive centres like Sydney at about $700-$800.

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For a rough idea of apartment prices, here is a table of average apartment prices across Australia’s major centres. One-bedroom apartments will typically be slightly lower.

Average Rental Costs For Apartments in Australian Cities

Surfers Paradise4217$630
These figures are from SQM Research

For current and postcode-specific pricing, see the SQM Research website.

How to Find the Best Deal on an Apartment That Fits Your Needs

The best way to find a suitable apartment is to do your research. You can search for units in your area and find the best deal on an apartment that fits your needs.

To save time, you can use an apartment search app to find the perfect place for you. These apps provide a variety of filters so that you can easily find apartments in the area that is perfect for you. 

They also provide valuable information about many different aspects of each property, such as pricing, reviews, and amenities.

Here are some of the best Australian online real estate sites that list unit rentals:

How to Decorate Your 1 Bedroom Apartment on a Budget

Decorating your one-bedroom apartment on a budget doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about finding creative ways to decorate your space and utilising the space you have. 

Some of the best tips for small space decorating are: 

  • Use paint to create a focal point in your room instead of buying expensive pieces of furniture or artwork. 
  • Utilise the walls by adding shelving, artwork or other items for decoration and storage. 
  • Choose furniture that can serve double duty, such as a console table that can also be used as an end table or coffee table. 
  • If you have a small window, hang some cute curtains to give your room more character.

How to Save Money When Living in a 1 Bedroom Apartment

Living in a unit is not always the most affordable option, especially if you are living with roommates and have a tight budget.

But there are ways to save money when living in a one-bedroom unit. One of them is to cook at home instead of eating out or ordering food. It is also essential to stay organised and keep your space clean to avoid unnecessary expenses like cleaning services.

The Benefits of Living in a 1 Bedroom Apartment

Living in a one-bedroom apartment is a great way to save money and live comfortably.

1) Saving Money: Most living costs come from your apartment. Living in a smaller space allows you to rent it for less than the market rate. This means you can save more money on rent, which can be saved or invested for future use. 

2) Living Comfortably: A smaller space forces you to be more creative with your living arrangements. You will have to rely less on furniture and storage items than on vertical spaces like bookcases, shelves, and closets. This will make your living quarters seem more significant and allow for more creativity in arranging things around the home. 

3) More Social: When you live in a smaller space, you are forced to be more social. With fewer people living in the same room, inviting friends and strangers into your home is more straightforward. This will make your living quarters seem more open and inviting, leading to less tension when entertaining.

4) Mobility: Living in a smaller space allows for greater mobility. Whether by bike, car or on foot, a smaller area provides easy transportation. Getting to classes and working in a smaller location is also easier. When you live in a smaller space, it forces you to be more creative and social.

1 Bedroom Apartments: Everything You Need to Know

What is a 1 bedroom unit?

A one-bedroom unit is a living space with one bedroom and a living room. It is usually the smallest type of apartment.

A 1 bedroom unit is a living space with one bedroom and a living room. Apart from a studio, it would be the second smallest type of apartment. However, it also provides enough space for an individual to live comfortably.

1 bedroom apartments for rent in your area

It would be best if you first looked for your desired location and then set up filters for price range and number of bedrooms. 

This will give you a list of apartments that are just right for you! You can also use the map function to find apartments near you and see what’s available in your area.

How to pick the perfect 1 bedroom apartment for you

Finding the perfect one-bedroom apartment can be a daunting task. You want to find a place that fits your needs and is within your budget. The best way to find the perfect one-bedroom apartment for you is by using an online tool. 

These tools help narrow your search and make finding the best one-bedroom apartment you need more accessible.

Benefits of living in a 1 bedroom apartment

Living in a small space can be an excellent choice for many people, e.g. students looking to save money and live within their means. It can also benefit people who want to downsize and simplify their lives.

Living in a one-bedroom apartment has many benefits, such as having more time to focus on other aspects of your life because you don’t have to clean or maintain the property.