Cathedral Place Car Park

Where to Park at Cathedral Place

There are two main sections to the Cathedral Place car park

  1. Visitor’s Car Park – Pay per hour system.  First 20 minutes are free. Located to the left (fist entrance). Delivery bay is here just before entering the visitor’s car park.
  2. Residents Car Park – Allocated car spots where the residents live.  Located to the right (second entrance). Consists of two levels, basement one (B1) and basement two (B2).

The main entrance to Cathedral Place can be seen in the photo below.  You will be entering via Gotha St either off Wickham St or Parry Parade.

Cathedral Place Parking
Cathedral Place Parking. Visitors and deliveries to the left and residents to the right.

Visitors Parking Area

You’ll need to use the Cathedral Place visitors parking area for the following reasons…

  • You are visiting friends or relatives that live in the Cathedral Place apartment complex.
  • Your apartment does not have an allocated car park number. This may apply to people who have booked a short stay apartment without a car space.
  • You are visiting Cathedral Place to view rentals, short stay accommodation or apartments for sale.

Residents Parking Area

The resident Cathedral Place car park is, as it implies, for residents only.  So be careful when parking here. Make sure
a) you are authorised to park there and
b) you are parking in the correct allocated number.

Park in the wrong spot and your car will be towed away.

Cars are towed away that are illegally parked. If a resident is unable to park their car because someone is in the wrong car bay it will be reported to caretaking.


Deliveries to Cathedral Place are usually made using the delivery bay area just before entering the visitor’s car park to the left entrance. This area allows for larger high top trucks.  If unsure how, or if the delivery bay needs to be used for any extended period of time please contact Cathedral Place Caretaking for booking and further instruction.

What are the Car Park Height Restrictions?

2.1 metres for the residents and visitors car parking area. However, the delivery bay is much higher and supports high top trucks.

Where Not to Park

The visitors or residents car park are the only areas to park your vehicle.

Do not park in the following areas…

  • In the driveway out the front of the main Gotha St foyer
  • Near the bin pickup area driveway
  • Any area that’s not allocated a car park. Please use common sense.