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Where is Fortitude Valley?

Fortitude Valley (also known as The Valley) is a suburb in Queensland Australia. Its location is inner city and borders the Brisbane central business district.

Fortitude Valley Queensland
The Price Consort Hotel on Wickham St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland

What is the Fortitude Valley postcode?

The Fortitude Valley postcode is 4006. This postcode is shared with neighbouring suburbs Newstead, Bowen Hills and Herston. See official reference Australia Post 4006 Postcode.

How many people live in Fortitude Valley?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census, 6,978 people live in Fortitude Valley. 94% of private dwellings are apartments. For more statistical information about Fortitude Valley see the ABS 2016 Census Quickstats page.

Sites and sounds walking the streets of Fortitude Valley

This video, while not super exciting to watch, does give you a sense of what it’s like walking from Fortitude Valley to Brisbane city. It is taken during the daytime when there is standard business activity. However, the Valley does change substantially at night time, especially on weekends due to all the pubs, clubs and restaurants busiest trading hours. So there’s generally a hive of activity during these times.

Street walking, Fortitude Valley -  Brisbane City, Australia DaytimeStreet walking, Fortitude Valley – Brisbane City, Australia Daytime
This video was created by ThroughMyEyes walking the streets of Fortitude Valley

The walking journey starts at the Emporium located 1000 Ann Street, past Cathedral Place apartments and continues along Ann Street to Brisbane City Hall.

Time Markers for Walking Tour Video

Video Start – Emporium

The video commences at the Emporium, 1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley. The Emporium has residential accommodation and is also a retail precinct with specialty stores, bars and restaurants.

Brookes Street (1 min 45 sec)

Turning right here at Brookes Street will take you up to the Fortitude Valley Police Station. A nice old heritage-listed building on the corner of Brookes Street and Wickhams Streets.

Church Street (2 min 43 sec)

Turning right here takes you past the Holy Trinity Church and PCYC Fortitude Valley.

Emporium Fortitude Valley
Ovolo The Valley near the Emporium Fortitude Valley

East Street to James Street precinct (3 min 36 sec)

Turning left here at East Street takes you down the upmarket shops and restaurants of the James Street precinct. Then further on to the suburb of New Farm.

Constance Street (5 min 43 sec)

Now we are getting into the Fortitude Valley Entertainment Precinct. Special zoning from the Brisbane City Council that supports the local music industry and makes special allowances for amplified music. See more information on the Fortitude Valley Entertainment Precinct on the Brisbane City Council website. In the video, we can see the Osbourne Hotel. Turning right here will take you up to the Alfred & Constance restaurant, Jubilee Hotel and further on to the Brisbane Exhibition grounds with the Royal Queensland Show (Ekka) is held each year.

Ballow Street / Winn Lane (7 min 52 sec)

Bargain Avenue

We’re now at Ballow Street but you can see up on the left Winn Lane

“Winn Lane is home to a vibrant, creative community of local and independent artisans, fashion designers, hairstylists, and foodies serving indulgent cafe treats and classic burgers. Whether it is vintage, cult or contemporary, there are many treasures to be found here.”

Referenced from the Winn Lane website. Read more about Winn Lane at

The Zoo and The Beat Megaclub (8 mins 49 sec)

On the left is The Zoo, a live music venue that has a lot of well known acts playing there. Also The Beat Megaclub dance club.

Walking tour of Fortitude Valley
2.5km walk from the Emporium, 1000 Ann St Fortitude Valley to Brisbane City Hall. Note the map above shows the Fortitude Valley border in red.

Brunswick Street Mall, the Heart of Fortitude Valley

Brunswick Street / Brunswick Street Mall (11 min 19 sec)

We are now in the heart of Fortitude Valley at Brunswick Street. Directly in front on the video we can see the Royal George Hotel, also known as RG’s, somewhat of an institution in the Valley. To right is the Brunswick Street Mall (pity the video doesn’t show you this). The Brunswick Street Mall has lots of bars, restaurants and stores. Fortitude Valley Music Hall is also located here, a music venue with 3,000 people standing capacity or 1,100 people seating capacity. Read more about the Fortitude Valley Music Hall. A little further along is the Fortitude Valley Train Station, one of the best ways of accessing the Valley.

To the left on the video, you can take Brunswick Street all the way down to the end of New Farm which terminates at New Farm Park and Powerhouse building.

Chinatown Mall (12 min 30 sec)

Again, it is a pity the camera wasn’t pointed down the Chinatown Mall for a quick second or two. All the asian restaurants are located here as well as along Wickham Street. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese. There’s also an asian supermarket on the Wickham Street side called Yuens.

Cathedral Place / Corner of Ann and Gipps Street (14 mins)

This is quite a busy intersection on the corner of Ann and Gipps Street. Turning left will take you up to (and across) the iconic Story Bridge. Also to the newly built Howard Smith Wharves, a great place to have a beer or a meal with an ideal view of the Brisbane River. More about Howard Smith Wharves.

Cathedral Place apartments can be seen to the right. A large apartment complex that takes up a whole block bordered by Gipps, Ann, Gotha and Wickham Street. Learn more about Cathedral Place.

Story Bridge Howard Street Wharves
A view from Wilson Outlook Reserve in New Farm looking towards Story Bridge and Howard Smith Wharves in Fortitude Valley

Where Fortitude Valley ends and Brisbane City start

Boundary Street (18 min 30 sec)

Betta Electrical

We have now come to the end of Fortitude Valley which ends at Boundary Street. To the right is Centenary Place, which is a park area in front of Cathedral Place. Looking straight ahead we can see the Orient Hotel, an odd wedge-shaped building.

Proceed to Brisbane City

Adelaide Street – An unexciting stretch (20 min 50 sec)

A slight correction to the above map. The walking journey heads along Adelaide Street into the city rather than continuing along Ann Street. This is only the next street down closer to the Brisbane River. Adelaide Street is a little less interesting than Queen Street where you pass by the old Customs House building and the beginnings of Pier Street.

Edward Street – The commencement of the heart of Brisbane City (31 min 15 sec)

For the last eleven minutes the video journeys along a fairly unnotable section along Adelaide Street until arriving at Edward Street. Here really marks the start of the Brisbane City heart. To the right is Brisbane Central Station and to the left is the beginning of the Queen Street Mall.

Brisbane City Hall – The conclusion of the walk (34 min)

Brisbane City Hall

The walk concludes at Brisbane City Hall. One of the iconic landmarks in the heart of Brisbane City.

The total walk time from the Emporium to City Hall has been 37 minutes at a very casual pace. In comparision, the walk from Cathedral Place to City Hall is about 20 minutes.